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The upcoming Bitcoin Asia conference is set to be the largest gathering of Bitcoiners in Hong Kong, taking place on May 9–10, 2024, at the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal. This event, part of the world-renowned Bitcoin Conference series, aims to accelerate companies within the Bitcoin ecosystem and offers attendees a chance to connect with the ever growing Bitcoin community. It features access to all stages with top speakers, entry to Asia’s largest Bitcoin Expo Hall, and exclusive VIP experiences.

Why Attend?

Bitcoin Asia conference is not just another conference; it’s an essential pleb gathering in Asia. Here are compelling reasons to attend:

  1. Bitcoiner Insights: Hear from leading bitcoiners, developers, and thought leaders.
  2. Networking: Connect with bitcoiners who share your passion for Bitcoin.
  3. Latest Trends and Updates: The conference will showcase bitcoin projects and startups that are pushing global bitcoin adoption by offering variety of bitcoin products.
  4. Workshops and Side Events: Participate in hands-on workshops that cover Bitcoin tools build so far.

Who Should Attend?

The Bitcoin Asia conference is designed for anyone with an interest in Bitcoin, including:

  • Plebs
  • Devs
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Regulators

The Bitcoin Asia conference is a must-attend event for any bitcoiner or a no-coiner based in Asia and beyond. It’s an opportunity to explore the never ending rabbit hole of Bitcoin and connect with fellow plebs. Don’t miss your chance, book a ticket now and pay in fiat or in sats!

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