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In a nutshell

  • Bitcoin mining is the energy-intensive process of using computer hardware to validate transactions and secure the Bitcoin network, rewarding miners with new bitcoin.
  • Indonesia offers an ideal location for Bitcoin mining due to its cheap and abundant green energy resources, making mining operation sustainable and very profitable.
  • Maximize returns with our expertise and local and international network. We provide the energy, mining companies, infrastructure, and investors you need.

Our mission is to make Indonesia a global leader in green Bitcoin mining.

Your Benefit

  • Unlock the full potential of Indonesia’s green energy mining landscape
  • Leverage our network to get access to the energy, miners, investors & partners you need 
  • Enjoy seamless processes and profitable returns

Why mining in Indonesia?

  • Bitcoin mining allows the transformation of energy into money
  • Indonesia has the biggest abundant renewable energy potential in the world
  • Competitive advantage & high profitability due to low energy costs

Get what you need

Energy Companies

  • Demand for unused energy through Bitcoin miners 
  • Stabilized power grid
  • Increased profitability & business growth

Mining Companies

  • Access to hydro, geothermal & solar sources
  • Large volumes of energy to achieve high hash rates
  • Investors for your mining serves


  • Access to exclusive investment opportunities
  • Tailored for different investor profiles, objectives & scales
  • Fast, high ROI 


  • Profitable venture surplus energy
  • New, flexible revenue streams
  • Access to our network for suitable partnerships

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