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A Big Idea for the Future

Today, when everything is going digital, a powerful message is being shared. “Bitcoin Indonesia” is more than just words on paper; it’s a call for change, made carefully by Diana Baudach and Marius M. Hubrig. It’s aimed at Indonesia’s leaders, like President Joko Widodo and Dr. I Wayan Koster, pushing for a big move towards Bitcoin adoption in Indonesia.

The Danger of Staying Behind

The message starts with a strong warning: if we ignore new tech, we’re in trouble. It compares ignoring Bitcoin to missing out on the internet. The authors point out that not allowing Bitcoin for payments since 2018 could hold Indonesia back on the world stage. But there’s still hope. The paper talks about how Bitcoin could make Indonesia a leading power in Asia.

Download “Bitcoin Untuk Indonesia” in Bahasa here

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The digital free version of the Book: “Bitcoin for Indonesia”


Explaining Bitcoin

The main goal of “Bitcoin Indonesia” is to clear up any confusion about Bitcoin. It argues against the common misunderstandings, showing how Bitcoin is good for the environment, fair, and works well. The paper says Bitcoin is better than old fiat money systems and could make financial services available to everyone, making the economy stronger.

Watch the Video Explainer

In this video (Indonesian version 馃嚠馃嚛 & English version 馃嚞馃嚙) we explain to you what you can expect, reading the Book Bitcoin for Indonesia and why you should definitly read it.

Plans for Embracing Bitcoin

The core of the message is a plan for Indonesia to become more open to Bitcoin. It lists all the good things that come with Bitcoin, like fighting inflation and helping the economy grow, which could boost Indonesia’s role in the world. The clear message is: Indonesia needs to adopt Bitcoin to protect its economy and lead in digital finance.

Talking to Bitcoiners: The Way Forward

The writers offer to help Indonesian officials by suggesting they talk to Bitcoiners and think about including Bitcoin in the country’s financial plans. They imagine a future where Indonesia isn’t just following in the digital currency revolution but is leading it, creating new standards for financial innovation and success.

Changing Indonesia’s Economy with Bitcoin

“Bitcoin Indonesia” is more than just a suggestion; it’s a full plan for changing Indonesia’s economy. It encourages Indonesia to move past old financial ways and embrace a future with digital currency. This message is a push for Indonesia to take charge of innovation and move towards a future of great growth and success in the cyberspace.

Cover of the Book: “Bitcoin Untuk Indonesia”

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