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Bitcoin ATMs make buying Bitcoin quick and easy. You just put in cash and get Bitcoin sent to your digital wallet in no time. They’re great for people who find online exchanges confusing. The best thing about Bitcoin ATMs is how easy they are to use. Anyone can use them to buy Bitcoin fast, without needing to know a lot about technology.

No Bitcoin ATMs in Indonesia

Indonesia said no to Bitcoin ATMs. The government is worried that if too many people use Bitcoin, it might cause problems for Indonesia’s own money, the Rupiah. They’re trying to keep the broken fiat system afloat and are cautious about new tech like Bitcoin. Bitcoin makes it difficult for oppressive governments to perform financial repression onto it’s citizens, so they ban it.

Why the Government is Worried about Bitcoin

Indonesia’s government is nervous about Bitcoin shaking things up too much. They think it’s better to be safe and keep a tight grip on how money moves in and out of the country. Bitcoin, which doesn’t follow these rules, scares them, therefore they ban it. Governments don’t like people to escape the failing fiat system, so they keep the doors of a burning building shut.

What This Means for Buying Bitcoin

Because Indonesia doesn’t allow Bitcoin ATMs, it’s harder for people there to buy Bitcoin. This shows how sometimes new tech and government rules don’t mix well. It’s a reminder that finding the middle ground between exciting new options like Bitcoin and keeping the dying fiat economy stable can be tricky. Worry not, there are plenty of other ways to get bitcoin. Try these exchanges

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