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  • Our work is dependent on donations in order to remain an independent source of information
  • Please consider donating to our initiative. We accept bitcoin or fiat.
  • You can also contribute by starting a Bitcoin community in your city or joining our Translation Squad, helping our mission to bridge language gaps.

Help us making an impact in Indonesia

Our work is only possible thanks to donations and sponsorships. These funds allow us to maintain our independence and to provide all our resources for free. We appreciate any form of support as it enables us to continue our mission. Thank you for considering a donation to our initiative.


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Thanks to their work, I got to know Bitcoin. I started to join their meetups regularly and now I have a scholarship for the Crack The Orange program to learn more, hopefully being able to educate my friends in the future.

DwikaScholar, Crack The Orange

Bitcoin Indonesia has helped me understand the reason for the problems in our world. They inspired me to learn how to save money for the future and helped me find my passion in Bitcoin art.

CahyaBitcoin Artist

The Bitcoin Indonesia team helped me in organizing the IDBC 2023 and are a valuable contribution to Bitcoin adoption in this country.

Dea RezkithaIndonesia Bitcoin Conference

I have been advising the team since the first Indonesia Bitcoin conference in 2023. They translated our BFF Bitcoin Flyer to Bahasa Indonesia. I continue to support the team as we have the common goal of educating the global south about Bitcoin.

Anita PoschBitcoin For Fairness

Be part of the team

You also want to work on Bitcoin adoption in Indonesia? You would like to help translating international articles, books, or projects into Bahasa Indonesia, or start a community and host meetups in your city? You're incredible! Come, join our team!

Translation Squad

Collaborate by translating your favorite Bitcoin content into Bahasa Indonesia. From videos and memes to texts, articles, books & more.

Community Manager

Start and grow a community in your city. Share knowledge and make valuable connections to new people along the way.

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