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In today’s digital age, Bitcoin has emerged as a uncensorable way to transfer value across the planet. It’s not just a new type of currency; it’s a whole new way to think about money. Whether you’re a no-coiner or someone curious about the practical uses of Bitcoin, this article is designed to provide you with a simple guide to get started and understand why now is the perfect time to dive in. Let’s explore ways you can use Bitcoin and how it can benefit you in daily life.

Using Bitcoin to Pay

One of the most straightforward uses of Bitcoin is as a payment method. Imagine going to your favorite online store, selecting a product you love, and, instead of reaching for your credit card, you pay with Bitcoin. It’s fast, secure, and you don’t have to worry about high transaction fees or your sensitive information being compromised. Many businesses, from small local cafes to large international corporations, are starting to accept Bitcoin, making it easier than ever to use it for everyday transactions. Download any bitcoin wallet and send some sats to Human Rights Foundation to see how bitcoin payments work.

Saving Time and Money as a Store of Value

Bitcoin is often referred to as “digital gold” because, like gold, it’s considered a store of value. But unlike gold, it’s incredibly convenient to store and transfer. You don’t need a physical vault; a digital wallet on your phone or computer is enough. One of the main reasons to use Bitcoin is to hold onto it, knowing that central bank and the fiat system as a whole is crumbling by the day. This makes Bitcoin a life-boat from the flood of fiat money printing in order to protect one’s purchasing power over time. To safe in bitcoin all you need to do is to buy bitcoin and keep it in cold storage.

Donating to Greater Causes

With Bitcoin, you can easily donate to charity projects around the world, making it another reason to use bitcoin. Organizations such as the Geyser Fund use Bitcoin to fund various initiatives, making it simple for you to contribute to causes you care about. Whether it’s environmental conservation, educational programs, or disaster relief, your Bitcoin donation can make a real difference. Plus, since Bitcoin transactions are global, you can support projects regardless of where they are in the world. Here is an example of such a Geyser Fund page

Value for Value: Supporting Content You Love

Imagine reading a blog post, listening to a podcast, or watching a video that you find incredibly valuable. With Bitcoin, you can directly support the creators through a concept called “value for value“, making Bitcoin a great reason to use it for this purpose. Platforms like Nostr allow you to send Bitcoin (using a tool called Zap) as a thank you for the content you enjoy. This not only rewards creators for their hard work but also encourages the production of high-quality content.



Making a Political Statement

Lastly, using Bitcoin can be a political statement. It represents a move away from centralized financial systems and towards a more decentralized, democratic form of money by swapping your fiat money into bitcoin, thus voting with your feet. By using Bitcoin, you’re advocating for financial freedom, privacy, and resistance against inflation caused by traditional fiat systems. It’s a way to express your belief in a future where money is more accessible and controlled by the people and not corrupt centralized institutions.

How to use Bitcoin

To use bitcoin all you have to do is to download an app like Fedi, Neutron pay or Wallet of Satoshi. Download and post the qr code at the bottom to receive some bitcoin. You can also get free sats here


Bitcoin is much more than just a digital currency; it’s a versatile tool that can enrich your life in multiple ways. Whether you’re using it to make payments, save for the future, support charitable causes, connect with people worldwide, reward content creators, or make a political statement, Bitcoin offers a unique set of advantages. The beauty of Bitcoin is that it’s inclusive; anyone with an internet connection can start using it. So why wait? Use bitcoin now!

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