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What is is an innovative way to introduce people to Bitcoin using the Lightning Network. Created by Satoshi Engineering, it’s a platform where you can create gift cards funded with Bitcoin. These cards serve as a friendly introduction to the world of Bitcoin (not crypto) for those unfamiliar with it, or “no-coiners,” especially in areas like Bali, Indonesia.


Simplicity: It provides a straightforward method for people to start their Bitcoin journey. You fund a card, gift it, and the recipient gets a crash course in Bitcoin and suggestions on Lightning apps to use.
Educational: Recipients learn about Bitcoin and the Lightning Network, demystifying cryptocurrencies and encouraging them to explore further.
Security and Transparency: With open-source code available for review, it promotes a level of trust and security in the digital transition.

Benefits Over Fiat Currencies

Bitcoin offers a decentralized alternative to traditional, inflation-prone fiat currencies. With a fixed supply, it’s designed to resist inflation, making it an attractive option for value storage and transactions. leverages this aspect to highlight Bitcoin’s advantages, offering a practical example of its use through the Lightning Network for fast, low-cost transactions.

For No-Coiners is an excellent tool for those interested in Bitcoin but unsure where to start. It’s an easy, risk-free way to get a taste of self-sovereignty, making it an ideal solution for introducing Bitcoin to friends and family who are still on the fence about censorship resistant technologies.

In summary, represents an accessible, user-friendly gateway into the world of Bitcoin, offering a simple yet effective method for educating newcomers about the benefits of cryptocurrency over traditional fiat money.


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