Blockstream Jade Hardware Wallet


Introducing the Blockstream Jade hardware wallet, the ultimate solution for securing your bitcoin with state-of-the-art security features and innovative air-gapped functionality. Our groundbreaking device is designed to provide you with the highest level of protection for your digital assets ensuring your peace of mind.

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Blockstream Jade is a fully open-source, highly secure hardware wallet designed to keep the private keys to your bitcoin protected. Jade is ready for your entire self-custody journey, offering a simple setup that is perfect for new users while also possessing advanced functionality desired by veterans. Jade’s powerful security model ensures that there is nothing of value to steal from a locked Jade by itself, which uniquely differentiates it from other hardware wallets that store all necessary secrets on device. With Jade, your hardware wallet is no longer a single point of failure and acts as a true signing device.

Jade works stunningly with its dedicated companion app, Blockstream Green, as well as other popular wallets on desktop and mobile such as Sparrow, Electrum, Specter, Nunchuk, BlueWallet, Bitcoin Core and more. In addition to its wide-ranging compatibility, Jade offers three different communication methods: USB, Bluetooth, and QR. Choose USB or Bluetooth for a more traditional connection, or take your security to the next level with a fully air-gapped workflow using Jade’s camera and QR codes. Pair Jade’s air-gapped functionality with the optional radio-disabled firmware variant, and Jade is ready for use by any veteran cypherpunk.

Experience Jade’s intuitive user interface with built-in guidance and instruction so you can get set up using your device however you prefer. Utilize customizable themes that take full advantage of Jade’s bright, color display to personalize your device even more. As you continue along your journey, discover innovative and advanced features including Jade’s multisig recovery, duress PIN, SeedQR support, stateless signing, TOTP authentication, and dice-created seed phrases – just to name a few!

Jade’s ease of use and cutting-edge functionality make it the ideal choice for bitcoiners of all skill levels, while its versatility ensures it is the only hardware wallet you will ever need. Invest in the Blockstream Jade today and start protecting your assets with an unparalleled level of security.

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