Umbrel Home (Bitcoin Fullnode)


Run your own home cloud for file storage, VPN, media server, Bitcoin node, and more — all in your home.

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Discover the freedom of self-hosting.
Goodbye, cloud. Hello, server in your home.

Own your data. Truly.
Empower yourself with absolute control over your data, its storage, access, and sharing.

Privacy. Uncompromised.
Safeguard your privacy and protect your data by eliminating reliance on cloud services.

Tailored to you. By you.
Personalize your self-hosted environment with apps that match your needs – file servers, ad blockers, Bitcoin node, and more.

Break free & save.
Liberate yourself from the cloud, and save on recurring cloud-based subscription costs.

Accelerated performance.
Get lightning-fast data access & seamless services, optimized for your individual self-hosted experience.

Rainy day resilience.
Your home server safeguards your data, even when cloud-based companies face storms and shut down.

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