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first bitcoin


In a nutshell

  • We give you 5 Sats (0.00000005 bitcoin) for free to try out how fast and easy Lightning payments work.
  • Download any Bitcoin Lightning wallet (we recommend Wallet of Satoshi), click on the button “GET 5 SAT”, send the bitcoin to your wallet – Congratulations, your first bitcoin ever!
  • This is your start to learn more about how Bitcoin and the Lightning Network.

FREE Lightning bitcoin – Learning by doing

We believe that sometimes it's easier to just get started, try things out, and learn through the experience.That's why we are offering you free sats to explore the simplicity of Lightning payments firsthand.

How does it work? A step-by-step guide

  • Download a Bitcoin Lightning Wallet of your choise (e.g. Wallet of Satoshi)
  • Click on the orange button “GET 5 SAT”
  • Copy the code (or directly scan it with your wallet)
  • Open your wallet, click on “Receive” & paste the code from your clipboard
  • Confirm the payment by clicking “Receive”
  • Well done! You own your first satoshis now!
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