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Let’s talk about how we use money and how we decide who gets what. Some people, called Keynesians, think we need big bosses (like governments) to make sure there’s enough money going around and to help people when times are tough. But, there’s another way to see things, especially when we look at new kinds of money like Bitcoin and how technology changes our world.

What Keynesians Think

Keynesians believe that sometimes, the market (where people buy and sell things) doesn’t work right on its own. They say that when not enough people are buying or when too many people don’t have jobs, the big bosses should step in, spend more money, or control the amount of money in the market to fix these problems.

What They’re Missing

But what if the market could fix itself? What if, when left alone, people could figure out the best way to exchange goods and services without needing so much control from the top? This is what some people believe, especially those who like Bitcoin. They think that the market is like a wild garden that grows better without someone always trying to trim and water it. Another reason why Keynesian economists don’t understand Bitcoin is because they trust the system. There is a great article about this by Croesus called Why The Yuppie Elite Dismiss Bitcoin


Why The Yuppie Elite Dismiss Bitcoin Meme by Murad Mahmudov

Bitcoin and New Technology

Bitcoin is like a new kind of money that isn’t controlled by any institution or government. It’s made and used by people all over the world who agree on its value and how it should work. It’s like trading shells or stones, but in the digital world. This shows us there’s a different way to think about money—one where control isn’t in the hands of a few, but shared by many through technology.

Why Keynesians Might Not See the Whole Picture

Keynesians trust the old way of doing things—using money that governments can print more of whenever they decide. But this sometimes makes things worse, like when there’s too much money around and it starts to lose its value. They might not fully understand how new technologies like Bitcoin can help solve these problems by making sure there’s a limit to how much money exists, just like there’s a limit to how many shells or stones we can find on the beach. In fiat system real estate prices are going up, because governments keep on printing money, but for bitcoiners the houses becomes cheaper as time goes by. Bitcoiners are already living in the future where neutral money is repricing the whole world.


Real Estate Prices Goes Down Over Time If Priced In Bitcoin. Technology Is Deflationary. Chart from Priced in Bitcoin

What We Can Learn

Imagine a world where everyone can trade and share without needing someone to watch over them all the time. This is what happens when we let the market work freely and use technology like Bitcoin. It’s about trusting each other and coming up with new ways to solve old problems, without waiting for the big bosses to do it for us.

The Simple Truth

The simple truth is, money and markets can be complicated, but they don’t always have to be. By looking at how new ideas like Bitcoin work, we can find new ways to share and trade that might just make things better for everyone.

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