Bitbox 02 Bitcoin-only Edition – Hardware Wallet


The BitBox02 Bitcoin-only Edition is a hardware wallet with radically focused firmware designed exclusively for Bitcoin (BTC). Less code means less attack surface, which further improves your security when storing Bitcoin only.

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Backups are automatically stored on the included microSD card and the BIP-39 mnemonic seed can optionally be displayed to be backed up on paper.
We also offer the BitBox02 Multi Edition, with additional features such as FIDO U2F and support for more cryptocurrencies.

Easy backup and restore of wallet to microSD card
OLED display and invisible touch sensors
Protected by a secure chip
USB-C & A compatible, cable and adapter included in the scope of delivery
Reduced attack surface (support for BTC only)

In the box
BitBox02 Bitcoin-only edition hardware wallet
microSD card
USB-C to USB-A adapter
USB-C extension cable
Rubber loops
Labeling sticker
You can find information about the packaging here.

Made in Switzerland
Warranty: 2 years
Download here: Datasheet for BitBox02 Bitcoin-only edition

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