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Our trip to Yogyakarta had one big goal: to show President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) how Bitcoin could help Indonesia. We met President Jokowi and gave him a flyer about Bitcoin’s benefits for Indonesia and a Lightning Network TipCard from SatoshiEngTech, marking his presumably first step into Bitcoin.

jokowi get an orange pill, now it's dissolving slowly. Bitcoin indonesia

To our surprise, President Jokowi mentioned Bitcoin in his speech at a school opening. He recognized the importance of learning about this technology, acknowledging our efforts to spread knowledge about Bitcoin. This moment was huge for us; it felt like our hard work was starting to pay off.

This meeting wasn’t just exciting for us; it was a big moment for Bitcoin in Indonesia. It showed us that even small actions could lead to big discussions about change. We’re more motivated than ever to keep pushing for Bitcoin education and adoption in Indonesia and beyond.

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