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Why Must It Be Celebrated?


For us to get a clear understanding, we need to ask ourselves this…

Why do humans celebrate? The answer to that question is that humans celebrate to commemorate important events or achievements, express joy and gratitude, foster social bonds, and mark cultural or religious traditions.  

So Do You Think Bitcoin Pizza Day Is Worth Celebrating?

Before we delve further into this topic, I would like to share some insightful information about Bitcoin Pizza Day.

So, if you are ready to learn more about The hidden secret of Bitcoin Pizza Day and why it is worth celebrating, read below to gain full clarity.



Bitcoin Pizza Day: The History

The last Pizza Slice

Bitcoin Pizza Day History


Who Started The Celebration Of Bitcoin Pizza Day?

There’s something important you must know before we get to that answer.

Though most Bitcoiners don’t know this yet, there is indeed a background history to this event and I’d like to tell you more about its secret history!

The History Of Bitcoin Pizza Day.

So, Bitcoin Pizza Day wasn’t introduced by Government officials or lawmakers in the United States or Britain.

This event wasn’t celebrated immediately Laszlo bought the Pizza from the kid who sold it…

It was not fully known to the world at that moment until the early Bitcoiners decided to celebrate it starting in 2011, marking the first anniversary of Laszlo Hanyecz’s historic pizza transaction.

Since then, May 22nd has been recognized annually as Bitcoin Pizza Day to commemorate this significant event in Bitcoin history.

But why on earth would anyone celebrate this?

I never understood why until I did some research, and this is what I found out…



doing my research

Doing my research

My Research About Bitcoin Pizza Day 


I never understood what Bitcoin Pizza Day was too.

Earlier on, I thought it was all about a Bitcoiner who used all his Bitcoin to purchase a pizza.

But after conducting this research I will share with you now, I gradually learned what this event was all about.

So, this is what I found out!

Bitcoin Pizza Day was the day a Floridian programmer named Laszlo Hanyecz, also an early Bitcoin miner, famously purchased two pizzas for the value of 10,000 BTC, which would be valued at millions of dollars today.

It was the day Laszlo successfully traded 10,000 bitcoins for pizza.

The pizzas were made by Papa John’s, but Hanyecz had bought them secondhand from a 19-year-old named Jeremy Sturdivant (username “jercos”).

To read more about this, check out this informative blog post I contributed to Blink here

Can you believe that!!!

Laszlo successfully bought two pizzas for 10,000 BTC!

As I wrote this, I wondered why…

Why didn’t Laszlo Hanyecz use his credit card or some cents to get the pizza?

Why waste this whole amount of Bitcoin?

I could not provide a reasonable answer until I further discovered this…

Laszlo was not a Bitcoiner!


This might come as a shocker to many, but the truth must be told: Laszlo was not a true Bitcoiner, nor was he just a Bitcoin miner.

He sure wasn’t!

He disrespected Satoshi’s vision, and he’s paying for every one of his sins even to this date…

Well, if this is what’s going through your mind, just like me, I believe we’ve got to read what I have to say about this below!

Indeed, Laszlo wasn’t just a true Bitcoiner; he was way more than that!

As he is a pioneer of Bitcoin, and the role he played in Bitcoin is trailblazing. 

It gave Bitcoin a global definition—Money!

Although Satoshi Nakamoto is the brains behind Bitcoin, with the invaluable help of the network, Bitcoin was created. But Laszlo Hanyecz showed the world that “Bitcoin is Real Money”… and this is worth celebrating.



Celebrating Pizza day

Bitcoin Pizza Day Celebration


Should Bitcoin Pizza Day Be Celebrated In 2024?

Absolutely, yes! Bitcoin Pizza Day must be celebrated.

It isn’t just a regular celebration or a joke; it’s a celebration of Bitcoin as a source of hope!

But there is a catch!

Since Bitcoin Pizza Day Should Be Celebrated, How Can It Be Properly Celebrated?

Just like I wrote in the FAQ section for Blink, It can be celebrated by Bitcoin enthusiasts and advocates worldwide. 

Some may commemorate the day by organizing meetups, hosting events, or simply sharing the story of the historic transaction on social media platforms. 

Additionally, some businesses may offer discounts or promotions specifically for Bitcoin payments on this day.

Also, it is okay to use this avenue to orange pill and educate most Non-Bitcoiners about this wonderful event and share blog posts like the one you’re reading right now with them.

By doing so you’re spreading the Gospel and having fun while at it.

It has been amazing having you here, Thanks for reading.


P.S: Bitcoin Indonesia is celebrating Bitcoin Pizza Day, and so am I, along with other Bitcoin lovers, and we’re happy Laszlo bought those pizzas.

We would love to know how you will celebrate yours.


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