(L)earn Bitcoin Course by Anita Posch


Want to use Bitcoin, but don’t know where to start?
I’m giving you all the tools and knowledge you need to use Bitcoin without relying on authorities to truly achieve financial freedom without the need to be a nerd.
Avoid common mistakes and get the actual power that an uncensorable neutral money gives you a lot faster than you might think is possible right now.

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What is money?
Why is Bitcoin important?
Arguments for and against Bitcoin
The Lightning Network
Acquiring and using bitcoin
Secure storage of your Bitcoin
Digital Safety

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Anita Posch
Your Mentor
Anita Posch
 is a renowned Bitcoin educator, author, and founder of Bitcoin for Fairness, a non-profit initiative that has a strong focus on Bitcoin adoption in the Global South through education, knowledge sharing and capacity building on the ground.
Bitcoin for Fairness works closely with human rights organizations as Anita’s focus is on promoting Bitcoin as a tool for financial freedom and inclusivity, as well as educating individuals concerned with digital privacy and self-sovereignty.

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