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We’re excited to share something special with you! The meetup flyer about Bitcoin, made by the amazing Bitcoin for Fairness team, is now available in Bahasa Indonesia (translated by us). This simple, easy-to-understand flyer is perfect for anyone who wants to start learning about Bitcoin or teach others. It’s just two pages long and breaks down the basics and guides you through setting up your very first Bitcoin and Lightning wallets.

Simplicity is Key

This flyer is simple and easy to print in black and white, so it’s cheap to make copies. You can download it, print it, and share it with others. Folded into three parts, this flyer is distributed at our meetups and talks. The idea is to give people something easy to understand that they can take home to explore further and share with friends and family.

Inside the Flyer

The flyer includes step-by-step guides for two wallets: BlueWallet for Bitcoin and Phoenix for Lightning payments. We chose these wallets because they’re easy for beginners to use without feeling overwhelmed by too many choices. Plus, we talk about why it’s important to hold your bitcoin in self-custody and why open-source wallets are a good choice.

Simple and educational design

Download for FREE

We hope this flyer helps more people in Indonesia learn about Bitcoin in a simple, fun way. Download it here for FREE, print it out, and share the knowledge!

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