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Imagine Bitcoin as a giant ledger book that everyone can see. This book keeps track of all the money moves from one person to another. Bitcoin mining is like being the person who gets to write new pages in this book. But, it’s not easy to get this job. You have to solve a really tough math puzzle first. Let’s break it down into simpler parts:

What is Bitcoin Mining?

Bitcoin mining is like a game where players use computers to solve complex puzzles. The first one to solve the puzzle gets to add a new page to the Bitcoin ledger book, which means they get to record who sent money to whom. As a reward for their hard work, they get some new bitcoins. This is how new bitcoins are made.

How It Works

To win the game, miners try to guess a special number that solves the puzzle. It’s a bit like trying to guess a lock combination. Bitcoin miners make lots of guesses very fast until they find the right one. When they guess it, they can add a new page to the book.

The puzzles are so hard that miners need really powerful computers (ASICs) to solve them. These computers use a lot of electricity because they’re guessing millions of times per second.

Why We Need Miners

Miners are important because they make sure the Bitcoin ledger book is truthful and that nobody is cheating, like trying to spend their bitcoins more than once. By solving puzzles, miners prove they’ve put in the work to check the pages thoroughly. This keeps everything fair.

asic-s9-bitcoin-miners mining bitcoin in Indonesia

Bitmain S9 ASIC miners mining bitcoin

The Challenges of Bitcoin Mining

Mining isn’t easy. The main problem is it uses a lot of electricity and is expensive to build the infrastructure. Using massive amounts of energy can be good for our planet, because bitcoin mining incentivizes the development of renewable energy infrastructure. Also, because the puzzles get harder over time, miners need better computers, which can be very expensive.

Another issue is that when lots of miners join together in groups, it can make it hard for single players to win the game. This can make it feel like only big groups have a chance to win new bitcoins.

Ethiopia hydro dam with an Ethiopian flag. This is a Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam


Bitcoin mining is like a game where players use their computers to solve tough puzzles and earn bitcoins. It’s important for keeping Bitcoin safe and fair, but it also uses a lot of electricity and can be very competitive. Even though it’s got some problems, mining is a key part of how Bitcoin works.

Watch a comprehensive explanation of how bitcoin works here.

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